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Photo: Finn Norstrøm. Date: 30.04.1955 Archive: Riksarkivet Arkivnavn: Billedbladet NÅ

User guides

Here you can find user guides covering the use of scanned archives and searchable material. In the user guide for "Find Source", you will learn how to search for archive material. The guide also explains how to register a user account and participate in the discussion forum.

Find source 
Find source is the tool for searching through the contents of The Digital Archive, in order to find which archive units that are digitalised.
Searchable material 
A large quantity of material from the archives has been transformed into searchable data in The Digital Archives, the majority of which originates from censuses...
Scanned Archives 
There are more than 30 million pages of scanned material available, including church books, court records, probate material and much more. How do you navigate...
User accounts, logging in and discussion forums. 
Read more about how you can register a user account and login to The Digital Archives, as well as how to participate in the discussion...