Help at hand on tugboat Vulcanus in Bergen. Photo: Tone Merete Bruvik, juni 2018


Our user guides can assist you in accessing and using the material available in the Digital Archives. Here you will find solutions to common problems you may encounter as well as getting advice on how to read old handwriting.

User guides 
Here you can find user guides covering the use of scanned archives and searchable material. In the user guide for "Find Source", you will learn...
Frequently asked questions 
Here you can find the answers to a number of frequently asked questions. Maybe the answer you're looking for is right here?
Abbreviations in searchable censuses 
The registration standard, HISTFORM, has established a standard set of abbreviations used when transcribing census data.
How do I read old handwriting? 
The scanned sources in The Digital Archives can occasionally be very difficult to read. On this page, you can get advice on how to learn...