About the Digital Archives

The Digital Archives present archive documents in digital form. You can search through structured data and digitized photographs, read full-text print outs or browse through pictures, view videos or listen to digitized recordings. The Digital Archives are free to use, and open to all.

Our user guides can assist you in accessing and using the material available in the Digital Archives. Here you will find solutions to common problems...
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Privacy policy 
This privacy policy explains the handling of personal information that is registered when you use the National Archives’ services on arkivportalen.no and digitalarkivet.no, arkivverket.no, or...
About the Digital Archives 
The most visible part of the Digital Archives is the internet site, which serves as an entry point into archive material. However, there are a...
Useful Links 
A collection of links to other webpages which can be of interest for users of The Digital Archives.
Contact Information 
You can contact us via telephone, e-mail, post, discussion forum or social media.
Restricted pictures in the Digital Archives 
Some pictures in the Digital Archives are restricted for viewing. These, and sometimes entire archives, may be covered by legislative restrictions and therefore not freely...
Collaborative Partners 
Our collaborative partners contribute digitalised archive material and/or other digitalised resources, which make it easier to navigate material in The Digital Archives.