About the Digital Archives

The Digital Archives present archive documents in digital form. You can search through structured data, read full-text print outs or browse through pictures or listen to digitised recordings. The Digital Archives are free to use, and open to all.

Making source material available online

The National Archives, which consists of the headquarters in Oslo, eight regional archives, the Sami Archive and the National Health Archive, use the Digital Archives as a channel to publish parts of their archive material, primarily that which is in highest demand. Sources are available as transcribed and/or scanned editions. On the Digital Archives internet site, these source materials are open to all for searching and browsing.

The Digital Archives are also open for others outside of the National Archives, who wish to publish their digital sources online. Institutions, organisations and invididuals who which to contribute digitalised archive material to the Digital Archives, can obtain free storage space and free use of the tool we have named "Digital Inn". Guests at the "Digital Inn", own all rights and retain all responsibilities over their contributed digital sources. The only condition is that the digitialised material can be published for free usage on all pages. Read more about how you can become a guest in the Digital Inn: Om Digitalpensjonatet

The Digital Archives and the Digital Inn are built around the notion that archive users should be able to access as much source material as possible, from one location, presented through a common search system and user interface.

Only a fraction of the material stored at the National Archives has been published on the Digital Archives and the Digital Archives themselves do not include an inventory of this material - only for the sources which have been published online. You can use arkivportalen.no or contact one of the National Archive offices for an overview of the unpublished source materials.