Searchable material

A large quantity of material from the archives has been transformed into searchable data in The Digital Archives, the majority of which originates from censuses and ministerial books. You can currently search for people who lived in Norway between 1801 and 1910.

Basic person search 
Basic search for a person or place, within all archives in The Digital Archives. Results are sorted by relevance.
Advanced person search 
In the advanced person search, options exist that allow a more specific search. Furthermore, the search form is structured making it easy to utilise the various search options.
Searching with special search characters 
On these pages, you can learn how to limit or expand your search by using special search characters. In addition, you can learn how to use wildcard and other types...
Name variant results 
Names can be spelled in a variety of ways. As of June 2017, The Digital Archives have implemented a system for "name variant search", which will produce results for variations...
I bostedssøket kan du for eksempel søke etter bosted i en bestemt kilde, på tvers av ulike kilder, og/eller avgrense søket til ett bestemt geografisk område.