Changing display name

To participate in forum discussions, we require that users use their full name. This is out of consideration for other users, and contributes to keeping discussions relevant. This page shows how you may change your display name.

You must be logged in to the forum to be able to change your display name. (The display name is the name you entered when you registered, but not your email address).

Click on your name, and choose Account settings

Enter your new display name. Remember that the display name must be your full name.

The display name must be unique. If it already exists, then you yourself, or another may have previously registered an account using this display name.

If you have a namesake who has registered with us, then you may have to try an alternate display name. We do require that you use your real name, so you may add a middle name or some characters such as underscores to the name, e.g. Tone_Merete_Bruvik. You could also add your town of residence, for example (Tone Merete Bruvik, Bergen)