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Printing out scanned archive material

Is the image too small when you print it out? Are you wondering how to print out multiple pages at once? This guide shows you how to print out scanned archive material from The Digital Archives.

To print a page without logging in, simply use the standard print features from your web browser, such as "File->Print" or the windows shortcut control+p

You must be logged in to be able to do this. If you do not have a user account, click "Login" from the top-right menu and then "Register User". If the text in the login page is not presented in English, please click "English" at the top first.

Read more on how to register a user account here).

If you wish to obtain a collection of pages as a PDF booklet, for example to print out, or send to others via email, first navigate to the page you wish to include. Then click on the download symbol.

If you wish only to add the page ( image ) you are currently viewing, select "Add image".

If you wish to add a series of pages ( images ), choose "Start interval". Next, browse to the last page ( image ) you wish to include, and choose "Stop interval".

Note that the option "Include all related material", only works for journal number in pledge books and for the old land registry book. The old land registry book is available only to those with special access rights.

Now click on Booklet on the top menu. The number of pages you have selected will be shown in parentheses.

A new window will appear which allows you to make a number of choices.

  1. Here you can choose to view the current booklet, i.e the booklet you are currently working on, and previously created booklets. The current booklet is shown first by default.
  2. Here you can name the booklet, as well as save it.
  3. Furthest down to the left, you can choose to add a title page and and table of contents.
  4. Here are the links to the pages you included in the booklet.
  5. A number of pages are double scans, i.e one scan includes two pages from a source. You can divide these in two by selecting "Split page", BEFORE, you create the booklet.
  6. Here you can remove a page from the booklet by pressing the X.
  7. When you have selected the appropriate options, you can create the booklet by pressing Create booklet

If you have clicked on "Create Booklet", you will see the creation process on the screen. The process can take some time depending on how many pages you have included. When the booklet is finished, it can be downloaded, or you can choose to send the booklet link to your email.

Hvis du har trykket på Lag hefte, vil du kunne følge fremdriften til heftet på skjermen din. Dette kan ta litt tid avhengig av hvor mange sider som er i heftet. Når PDF-heftet er ferdig kan det lastes ned til din maskin, eller du kan velge å sende lenke til det direkte via e-post.

Please Note: a booklet is limited to a maximum of 100 images.

TIP: You can gather single images or intervals from different sources into one booklet.