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Confirmed at Lunder Church, 1913

This photo is from the Norderhov parish priests office, and is kept at the regional archives in Kongsberg. The photographer is unknown, and the photo dates from 22.07.1913

The display photo has been cropped.

Fotoweb: Confirmed at Lunder church 1913, Norderhov parish

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M/S Kong Olav

This photo, from the Vesteraalens Steamship Company archive, is kept at the National Archives in Oslo. The photographer and date are unknown.

The photo is mirrored and cropped.

Fotoweb: "Hurtigrute" ship Kong Olav in the ice

Dinghy on the roof of a VW beetle

This is photo is a promotional photo for something known as the combi-dinghy. Photographers: Ragge Strand and Per Alfsen. The archive was created by Ragge Strand / Per Alfsen Promotional Photographers Ltd. and is kept at the National Archives in Oslo. The date is unknown.

The photo is cropped for use on the main page.

Fotoweb: Promotional photo. Combi-Dinghy