Correct search results at 0200 GMT- all searches rewritten - 21.08.2017

All searches are rewritten so that searches now show the correct sources while the search engine is being updated.

Published at: 2017-08-21

Now that the search pages for the Digital Archive have been re-designed, we were able to solve a problem that previously led to some frustration, especially for users from other time zones. When the search engine was updated at night (norwegian time), the search tables and the search engine were not sychronized for a period of time. This is now solved, so that even if the search engine is updating, the search results will be correct.

Other bug fixes

  • Link to searchable versions will not jump to the norwegian language version when in english language version is selected
  • Better feedback when zero search results are returned
  • Tag search is changed from OR to AND ("Including" to "excluding")
  • Contact information updated at the bottom