Changes to search pages - 28.06.2017

This update introduces the possibility to search by secondary individual and domicile, as well as a number of other improvements.

Published at: 2017-06-29


Search by secondary individual

In the advanced person search, you may now filter your search by entering the name of a secondary individual connected to the same event. For example, you can enter the name of the father as a secondary individual while searching for a baptism record.

This search works in a very different way than in the previous version of The Digital Archives. It is no longer necessary to limit the result set to 5000 individuals or secondary individuals. The new functionality will allow you to search through all 32 million records.

There are currently some limitations however. It is only possible to use the OR-operator, i.e the "|" symbol. There is unfortunately no support for name variant search or wild card search. This is due to how the underlying search engine operates.

Search for properties

The previous "Property search" and "Advanced Property search" have been merged into one search form, entitled "Search for properties". The goal of which was to avoid confusion between Property Search and Mortgage Register Search.

The new property search, as with "Find Source" now features a free text search field.

Source Information

  • Fixed an error which cause a link underneath "Explore" to periodically point to the wrong source.

Person display

  • Replaced the pagination of individual lists in the person display with a button, instead of loading multiple individuals into the same view

Searches and results

  • The search engine performing the entered search strings was previously affected by symbols such as full-stop, comma, hyphen etc. This means that many searches failed without the use of (*) at the end. This is a issue which has existed since before 2013, and most probably from when The Digital Archives - 2010 were released. Previously, one would have to search with "olsdtr.|olsdtr" or "olsdtr*" to generate results for "oldsdtr.". This is no longer necessary.

  • Removed bold text from expanded elements. For example, when choose selecting a region, the region name was presented in bold text. This could be mislead users into thinking that the region is already selected.

  • Basic person search now filters by event date and not date range of source. This generates more relevant results.

  • Find source: Removed the space after birth year in the Find Source result list, when birthplace is missing.

  • Find source: Created browse links for both males and females in church book sources where sources were subdivided by gender.

Mobile device display

  • Total number of results moved to left of screen

General Changes

  • Main page: The list above "More Searches" is reduced for small screens
  • Printer friendly format now available
  • Print-out icon added
  • Changes to improve quality and relevance of content when sharing to Facebook
  • Tidied up the user menu while logged in
  • Improvements to placement of cookie warning message
  • Changes to main menu to ensure that all elements maintain the same height

*) This is the third official release of The Digital Archives. We have therefore named the different versions thus: "GDA" - The Old Digital Archives, DA2010 for the previous version, and DA2017 for the current one.