How to search the digitised material

For exploration of The Digital Archives use Find source, a person search, one of the search forms for scanned archives, or the digital photo archive.

The Digital Archives offer a wide range of search forms to explore the digitalised sources.

Please note that the sources in The Digital Archives are digitalised in different ways and therefore exist in different formats.

Find a digitalised archive source

Find source includes all digitalised archive sources in The Digital Archives except full-text transcriptions and historical photos.

User guide to Find source

If you are looking for scanned archives only, we recommend that you use one of our search forms for scanned archive sources to search and browse through scanned archives. On the scanned archives main page we offer specialised search forms for church books and censuses, among others.

User guides to scanned archives

Find a person or a place

Advanced person search includes all indexed persons in The Digital Archives, for instance persons in censuses and church books.

User guide to Advanced person search

Basic search for a person or a place is located on the main page of The Digital Archives. In addition, it is possible to search for a person in a specific census or in a specific list, for instance baptised or married, in church books. Click More searches on the main page of The Digital Archives, and a drop-down list of options will appear.

Please note that not all digitalised archives have searchable (transcribed) content. In some instances you may have to browse through scanned archives to find a person or a place.

Find a photo

On the National Archives Digital Photo Archive, you can search through our photo archive collections. Please note that if you want to search for a particular photo, you have to use norwegian search word(s) since information registered to a photo is in Norwegian only.

Learn more about usage of photos from the digital photo archive