RA, Herredagen 1539-1664 (Kongens Retterting), A/L0011: Dombok, 1616, s. 87b-88a

How do I read old handwriting?

The scanned sources in The Digital Archives can occasionally be very difficult to read. On this page, you can get advice on how to learn to read old handwriting and where to get help in its interpretation

Published at: 2017-04-24

The Digital Archives unfortunately cannot assist you with reading scanned sources, but there are many resources online which teach the art of reading gothic script.

Read more about gothic script (black letter)

The National Archives have developed an application which can help you read gothic script. The application is developed in co-operation with Vangen&Plotz in Hamar.

The National Archives Gothic Script App

The University of Bergen have, in co-operation with The National Archives, created an online course on reading gothic script.

Gothic script course

You can get help with gothic script from other users in The Digital Archives discussion forum.

Forum for interpreting scanned pictures

At The National Archives, and for a certain fee, you can order printouts for legal usage