About the KYRRE standard

Standard for registration of Norwegian church books. This standard describes how to convert handwritten entries in church books to searchable data in The Digital Archives.

Transcription and standards

Transcription is the conversion of text from one format to another, for example conversion of handwritten text in older archive sources to machine readable, searchable text in The Digital Archives. In The Digital Archives, the majority of transcriptions are based on one or other of the two standards HISTFORM-standard or KYRRE-standard. Despite these standards being created primarily for censuses and church books, they can be useful to know about when approaching other types of source material.

The KYRRE standard was devised by the Norwegian National Archives, and as been in effect since 2005. The standard contains the guidelines for transcription of data from church books, how the field layout should be set up, and which fields should be filled. You can use KYRRE with all church books, even the oldest ones that lack church book forms.

After the introduction of KYRRE in 2005, The Digital Archives have been strict with approval of church book transcriptions intended for publication. We want the data to follow the standard. Standardised data makes is much easier for us to develop solutions to access the data, such as searching through available data. If transcribed data has been registered from before 2005, The Digital Archives will review and see if it can be modified to meet the requirements of the KYRRE standard.

Unfortunately, there is currently no translation of the KYRRE standard to English. However, it should be possible to obtain a decent translation by running the Norwegian text through a modern online translator such as Google Translate. The PDF documents available are all on Norwegian.

KYRRE standard (PDF)

Roles in KYRRE (PDF)

DTD for KyrreML (DTD)

A revised edition of Kyrre, Kyrre 2.0, is currently under review and pending approval which means it cannot be used just yet. You can download and read Kyrre 2.0 draft.

Kyrre 2.0 Draft (PDF)

Please Contact The Digital Archives if you have any feedback you wish to convey

Kyrre is a set of rules for transcription, not an actual tool. For the transcription itself, you must use your own applications / utilities. You should choose a tool you are comfortable with, as long as it allows structuring of the data. The Digital Archives accepts data in a number of different formats, but we prefer tabular/comma-separated formats with the column names on the first row.

"Slekt og Data" have created a registration tool named "Augustus 2", which is based on the KYRRE standard. This application converts registrations to XML files which we can use to publish the data directly. Augustus 2 is free for use and can be downloaded from "Slekt og Datas" websiite.

Download Augustus 2 from "Slekt og Data"